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Blind Date with a Book

Can’t decide who to read next? Take a chance and try going out on a “Blind Date with a Book”! January 14th through February 14th, your Glendora Public Library will have a selection of mysterious, but possibly intriguing, beguiling, maybe even thought-provoking  books waiting for you to “pick up”. Coyly wrapped in newspaper to disguise their covers, they are ready for you to “check out”. You can even “rate your date” with none of the usual awkwardness. For each rating you turn in, we will enter you in a drawing for a prize too!

So put on some soft music, light a candle, and experience your best blind date ever! Expand your horizons! Step out of your comfort zone! Try something unfamiliar and off your beaten path. It’s about time, isn’t it?

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