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Critical Steps - After the Storm

Post Date:03/01/2014 9:35 PM

Critical Steps After the Storm
March 1, 2014

Recommended by LA Co Fire:

  • Conduct an outside perimeter check of residence prior to entering, be sure doors/windows are free of mud/debris prior to entering.
  • Outside – Watch your step. Be aware of possible sinkholes that are hard to see in your yard
  • Driving – Be cautious when driving into/out of the Impact Area. You do not want to drive over mud/rocks; it can damage your vehicle.

LA County Fire is able to assist with water extraction, trees down in yard that pose a threat to safety, mud/and are caused by the recent weather.  They can assist residents in getting back into their residences, and making things immediately safer.  They cannot assist with water/mud issues related to a pool.  You should call the fire department immediately if you observe any downed electrical wires, and do not attempt to move them or touch them.  You may contact LA County Fire Department through the Glendora Police Department Dispatch at (626) 914-8250.

Trash Service will be resuming to their regular schedule immediately.

United States Postal Service will resume normal mail delivery on Monday, 03-03-2014, and parcel delivery will resume on Sunday, 03-02-2014.

Down Trees:

  • The City of Glendora Department of Community Services is available to assist with tree removal of trees damaged during the recent storms for residences in the Impact Area only. This would cover trees causing active/potential damage to residences.
  • They are also available to inspect trees that may become an issue, and to provide landscaping advice as needed.
  • Permits are required if you are planning to re-landscape your yard, through the Planning Department, (626) 914-8214

Things to look for:

  • If you have significant mud/debris in your yard, turn off your sprinklers. Damage can be caused by mud if you have broken sprinklers and mud gets into the sprinkler system.
  • Contact your insurance company to determine coverage of possible damage.

Sandbags are recommended to stay in place for now, until the weather is no longer a concern.  Once you remove sandbags, they have a shelf life of approximately 12 months, if stored correctly.  Do not empty the sand! The sandbags should be laid out to dry, checked for tears, and ultimately stored under cover, away from direct sunlight.  Sandbags should not be disposed of in your residential trash.  The City of Glendora still has approximately 5,200 sandbags available for residents in the Colby Fire Impact Area, if needed.

Be Aware of possible solicitors who may attempt to solicit business for repairs needed due to the damage that may have been caused.  Always use a reputable professional for repairs, and seek the advice of your insurance company if you need a referral.  If you are approached by a door to door solicitor, you should contact the Glendora Police Department at (626) 914-8250, as all solicitors need to have a permit in the City of Glendora. 



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