States Homework Help


Books In The Library

  • Encyclopaedia Britannica Book of States (Call number J 973 through J979.9)
    (Circulating copies available for checkout and also reference copies for in-library use only).
    Each state is an individual book. Information is divided into broad sections including the geography, the culture, the past, and the economy. Also included are color photos, glossary, fasts facts, and further resources.
  • From Sea to Shining Sea (Call number J 973 through J979.9)
    Each state is an individual book. Information on each state is divided into five sections, the land, the government, the people places, and the history of each state. There is also a section for fast facts, a timeline, and a gallery of famous people from the state. Color photos are included.
  • Scholastic Atlas of the United States (J 912 SCHOLASTIC)
    Information includes a color map of each state, as well as information on the geography of the state.
  • World Almanac Library of the States (J973-J979.9)
    Each state is an individual book. Information includes the history, politics, leisure, the economy, the people, and famous people of each state. There are color photos throughout.

Reference Books: (these materials are available for use only inside the library)

  • Flags of the Fifty States and the Incredible Histories (JREF 929.9 HOWE)
    Includes color pictures of each of the fifty state flags and the history of the flag.
  • Junior Worldmark Encyclopedia of the States (J REF 973.03 STATES)
    Information included represents 40 different geographic, demographic, economic and social areas. State sponsored web sites for further information are included.
  • The New Atlas of the United States, Canada, and the World (JREF 912 GEOSYST)
    Includes political maps for each state. Also includes a physical and political map of the United States.
  • State Names, Seals, Flags, and Symbols: A Historical Guide (JREF 929.9 SHEARER)
    Details the names and nicknames, mottoes, seals, flags, capitols, flowers, trees birds, songs, legal holidays and observances, license plates, postage stamps, fairs and festivals, universities, governors, and professional sports teams for all states and territories.
  • World Book Encyclopedia (JREF 031 WORLD)
    Includes a variety of information on each individual state divided by geographic, demographic, economic, and social aspects. Each entry includes color pictures of the flag, seal, bird, and flower. There are also several color maps of each state included.

ONLINE States Information

  • Gale Student Resources - Geography 
    Provides an encyclopedia type article on each state including sections on population, government, famous people, history, fromJunior Worldmark Encyclopedia of the States. Color pictures of the flag, the seal and landmarks are included. Websites and magazine articles are included for further information.
  • U.S. Census data
    The U.S. Census Bureau provides statistical information on each state from the 2000 census. Information includes state capitol, date of statehood, and state flower, tree and bird.
  • World Book
    Provides encyclopedia articles about individual states. State maps, seal, flag, bird, and tree can be printed in color. Political and population maps are also included. 
  • The Fifty States
    The 50 states are listed as a part of this online almanac’s section on the United States. Information available includes general facts, a picture of the flag, a state map, a brief history, and links to famous natives and residents.
  • IPL Stately Knowledge
    This is the Internet Public Library’s collection of facts about the states. In addition to individual state information and links to official state web pages, there is also a chart that compares state population and size, the dates when states entered the Union, and a listing of state capitols, largest cities, birds and flowers.
  • 50 States and Capitols
    Provides basic factual information of each state with links to further information.
  • Atlas of U.S. States & Territories 
    Provides various maps of the United States.

Please see a library staff member for additional assistance in finding these and other resources.