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Cool Sites For Teens


  • Suzanne Collins site: author of "The Hunger Games" trilogy and "Gregor" series
    See a list of all her works, a biography of her life, and an interview she did with Scholastic Press.
  • Stephenie Meyer: author of the "Twilight" series
    Read a bio of Stephenie, read about the books and movies, and see what she is working on now.
  • James Patterson: author of "Maximum Ride" series
    Read excerpts of the books and see reviews.
  • California Project Lean
    "Because you are growing...Teens especially need nutritious foods and an environment that encourages being physically active. If you're not getting enough of either of these things now, you should find out what you can do about it. Healthy teenage years are important towards a lifetime of being physically fit."
    This colorful, fun site tells you how to get started.
  • Internet Public Library TeenSpace
    A collection of teen-oriented links at the Internet Public Library Web site. Homework help, gaming, computers, poetry, getting a job, sports, entertainment, finding a club to join, and more.
  • Teen Help
    Quick links to hotlines for helping teens with various problems, ranging from smoking and drug abuse to pregnancy, suicide prevention, family violence and more.
  • your personality & what it says about you 
    Take a free personality test and "discover the best advice, based on your personality type, about movies, love, careers and more! Using the most respected and accurate personality typing system, PersonalityZone is designed to be both useful and social, giving you the best of everything that interests you!"