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City Mission, Vision and Values


Mission Statement
The City of Glendora’s mission is to provide the citizens and business community effective municipal services while maintaining our historical sense of community values.

Vision Statement
The City of Glendora vision is a healthy, balanced, progressive city representing family values and the businesses that support them; a great place to live, work and play.

Our Purpose
The purpose of the City of Glendora, the Pride of the Foothills, is to Ensure and improve the quality of life for all Glendorans by balancing residential, business, and environmental interest in a fiscally responsible manner.

Our Values
The City of Glendora values . . . 

•  Fiscal Responsibility 
•  Honesty and Integrity 
•  Exemplary Customer Service 
•  Open and Accessible Government 
•  Accountability 
•  Community Involvement

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