Hillside Conservation

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Ferguson Blue Bird 2

View from Blue Bird Ranch down to the City

The City has been pro-active in seeking grants to purchase large areas of hillside open space.  To date, the Environmental Services Division has been able to facilitate grants to purchase approximately 330 acres of hillside openspace called the Ferguson Blue Bird Ranch.  The property is now owned by the Glendora Community Conservancy.  The City holds a conservation easement on the property to ensure the continuing preservation of the land as open space.  The land hosts high quality native plant communities including oak woodland, chaparral, coastal sage and needle grass habitats.  Wildlife include deer, black bear, mountain lion, bob cat, cactus wren, red tail hawk, coopers hawk and many other marvelous species.   Endangered or threatened species either seen or anticipated on the property include Brodiaea filifolia, California Gnatcatcher, Chocolate Lilly and many others.

If you would like to tour the ranch, please contact the Glendora Community Conservancy at 626-335-1771, PO Box 963, Glendora,  CA 91740 or email glcroissant@csupomona.edu or visit their web site http://www.glendoraconservancy.org/ .


Brodiaea filifolia, Federally listed


Mountain Lion

Mountain Lion 

Remember that the San Gabriel Mountains are the mountain lion's home.  You must walk in thier world with respect and awareness.  It is best not to walk or bicycle in the mountains alone.  Never allow small children to walk in the mountains without adult supervision.  If you do see a mountain lion, never run!  Stand still, face the lion and make loud, fierce noises.