Glendora Safe Schools


Under the direction of Chief Castro, the Glendora Police Department Traffic Division and School Resource Officer Robbie Haney have begun inspecting and reviewing each school campus within the Glendora Unified School District to identify any traffic issues that can be addressed.

We are currently working with Principal Marie Porcell at La Fetra Elementary School to address continued traffic congestion at student drop-off and pick-up times.

Several recommendations have been made to improve the traffic conditions during these important times.

We are working with the Glendora City Traffic Engineers to determine if a second loading/unloading lane can be added on Bennett Ave. in front of the school.

We have also requested all signs be updated and all curbs be repainted.

The next school to be reviewed will be Sandburg Middle School, set for February of 2013.

Cullen Elementary School is scheduled to be reviewed and evaluated in June of 2013.

Traffic Enforcement: 
The Glendora Police Department provides School Traffic Enforcement on a daily basis. The school campus traffic enforcement is rotated to ensure all schools receive equal coverage. 

Traffic Improvements: 
La Fetra Elementary received new curb paint on both Bennett Ave. and within the school parking lot. New signs will be added to create a second loading/unloading lane for parents dropping off/picking up their children. Increased traffic enforcement has also begun to educate parents on child loading/unloading procedures. 

Campus Safety: 

School Resource Officer Haney is currently reviewing all Glendora Unified Schools safety plans and providing recommendations. 

Campus lockdown drills have been completed at: Goddard Middle School – 01/17/2013 and Glendora High School - 01/22/2013 

Crosswalk Enforcement: 
The Glendora Police Department completed a Crosswalk enforcement operation at Glendora High School which resulted in several citations being issued to drivers who entered or drove through a crosswalk while pedestrians were crossing. Several warning were also issued to drivers for various other driving offenses, which increased the risk to children walking to school. 

Crosswalk enforcement operations are being planned for other Glendora campuses in the near future.

If you have any concerns or recommendations regarding the “Glendora Safe Schools” program, you can contact S.R.O. Haney at 626-627-2368.