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K-9 Program


Glendora’s second canine is named Roby.  Roby is a Belgian Malinois from France, and was acquired at the age of thirteen months.  He is French trained and came by way of France, Mexico and the US.  

Roby and his handler, Al Ancheta, graduated from a five week basic course in July of 2007, then a five week narcotics course in September of 2008.  Roby also is trained in searching buildings and locations, searching for articles (guns, knives, other weapons) and narcotics (eg. meth, cocaine, marijuana, heroine).

Al has been a police officer with the Glendora Police Department since September, 2002. He has worked patrol, Community Impact Team (CIT) and now K9.

Al and Roby will continue with regular training on a weekly basis with other police and hospital K9’s.

If you are interested in supporting our K-9 Program, please view our Glendora Police Department Donation Form.

  K9 Roby