Street Sweeping

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The Streets Division of the Public Works Dept oversees the sweeping of City streets (both residential and commercial) which is performed on a weekly basis by Athens Disposal.  Street Sweeping is typically performed on the day after your trash pick-up day.(if trash pick up is on Monday, we sweep on Tuesday, etc).

Street Sweeping Map

Glendora is one of the select few cities in the local area that performs weekly sweeping services (the majority of adjacent cities sweep once every two weeks).

For both reasons of safety as well as efficiency, street sweeping takes place in the early morning. The sweeping crew commences sweeping activity at approximately 2 a.m. (just prior to the beginning time window of restricted parking in the City of Glendora) and usually completes their respective route by 9 - 10 a.m. The routing is set up to complete the dense areas of traffic prior to 7 a.m. (i.e. schools, major arterials, median islands).

Sweeping of the City’s 9 miles of alley takes place once a month. This occurs on the first weekend of each month. Due to the narrow width, lack of curb face, and tight turning radius in the alleys, we hire a contractor a specialized machine for this purpose.

The only days we do not sweep are National Holidays and days of rain. If you have any questions, comments, or concerns about our street sweeping program please feel free to contact us:


Cesar Ortiz, Operations Supervisor- Athens Disposal 626-934-4696
Tim Orban, Street Supervisor, 626-852-4817
Email address: