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Stage 1 Mandatory Water Conservation: Due to the combination of the driest rain season in Southern California history, reductions in the availability of import water and declining well production caused by a low ground water table, the City of Glendora urgently requests that all Glendora customers reduce water consumption to a level at least 10% below the use level for the same billing period last year.

Water Use Efficiency Audits: Water Efficiency Audits are designed to provide residents and business owners with conservation tips and techniques for interior and exterior water use. The audit is performed by conservation staff free of charge and normally takes 30 to 45 minutes to complete. To schedule a Water Use Efficiency Audit please contact the Water Division at (626) 852-4838.

Water Waster: Please contact the Water Division at (626) 852-4838 to report excess water runoff or outdoor irrigation operating after 8AM and before 5PM. Service and water main leaks can be reported to the City of Glendora Water Division at (626) 914-8246.  After hours, leaks may be reported to the City of Glendora Police Department at (626) 914-8250.

Click here for some helpful "how-to" videos on water conservation and water saving devices.

Here are 11 water conservation techniques that will help us all reduce water consumption:

  1. Use full loads in the washing machine and dishwasher.
  2. Take shorter showers.  Cutting time by two minutes can save 9 gallons.
  3. Install low-flow showerheads and toilets.  (available at local hardware stores)
  4. Repair dripping faucets.  A small leak can waste a lot of water.
  5. When brushing your teeth or shaving, turn off the faucet.
  6. Water the lawn only when necessary.
  7. Install a programmable irrigation system.
  8. Water only when it is cool outside, early morning or evening is best.
  9. Do not wash down driveways and sidewalks, please use a broom.
  10. When landscaping, use drought tolerant plants.
  11. Check for leaks and when found, repair quickly.

The City of Glendora promotes the efficient and responsible use of water for the benefit of our community and environment.  Please click on the link provided below for additional information regarding water conservation practices.


Thank you for conserving